Silk Road: 960 million USD transaction from legendary Wallet

The legendary Silk Road Wallet has been circulating in the hacker scene for years. Now it has practically been cleared out. Who or what is behind it?

A gigantic transfer of an anonymous sender, whose address seems to be connected to the notorious Silk Road Darknet platform, is causing the rumour mill to bubble in the crypto space. A total of 69,370 Bitcoin (BTC) – the equivalent of more than 960 million US dollars – was moved in just two transactions, according to crypto intelligence agency CipherTrace. The anonymous user initially transferred only 1 BTC – probably as a test. Then another 69,369 BTC followed. According to CipherTrace, this denomination typically occurs when large amounts of crypto-currencies are moved to new addresses.

The most likely scenario is that these transactions took place to maintain connectivity to the Bitcoin Pro Review network. However, there is some speculation that the wallet may have been the target of hacker attacks. These transactions could then possibly mean that the wallet thief moves the funds to new addresses in order to deny other hackers access to the wallet. It is also possible that such an attack by other hackers has already occurred.

Silk Road-Wallet has been circulating among hackers for years

The operator of the Silk Road platform, Ross Ulbricht, was arrested in October 2013. However, the real „capital“ of this former Darknet paradise remained hidden in a wallet file (wallet.dat) inaccessible to investigators. This wallet has been circulating in the hacker scene for about two years. In September the Twitterer @UnderTheBreach claimed to be in possession of wallet.dat. In a post he ironically asked Google for a quantum computer to crack the password. He writes about the new, ominous transaction:

It was either the person who cracked the password or the original owner, who may have noticed that recent articles have reported how his wallet circulated among hackers.

– @UnderTheBreach


Ross Ulbricht himself is currently serving his double life sentence. But he is not inactive. On his medium account he still delivers periodic analyses of the crypto-market from prison. He admits, however, that the supply of information behind bars leaves a lot to be desired.